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Pioneer Woman Instant Pot at Walmart

Ree Drummond never thought she would be on board with Instant Pot race until she got one. And now she loves the cooking tool so much that she has released her own Pioneer Woman Instant Pot, which is available exclusively at Walmart from September 15th. "I received one as a birthday present in January from my good friend who had fallen in love with her, Ree told POPSUGAR before launch."

"I was a little resistant to jumping into the Instant Pot world because I like my Dutch oven and I do not like to get much new electronic kitchen equipment. But once i started using it and I'm sure Everyone who has used an Instant Pot has this moment where they are, & # 39; I did not suppose life could be like that! & # 39; "Full Boiled Chicken In Eight Minutes?" The Instant Pot really makes wonders.

The Pioneer Woman Instant Pot ($ 99) comes in two vintage flower patterns, a nod to Rees signature style that you will recognize in her other kitchenware. "The more I started to use it, the more I realized that this was not anywhere, "Ree said." So naturally, I thought, would not it be good if this had my signature floral on it? "Small room dwellers, please ̵

1; this is not a kitchen utensil you want to put away. The bright, charming design will make you happy to show Instant Pot on your disk, which will look cute and encourage frequent use.

If you have not found out what you can make in an Instant Pot – as for the item is pretty much all – Pioneer Woman can help you with the three recipes that accompany each purchase: hard boiled egg, chocolate lavakaker and spicy Dr. Pepper pork. Or do as she does and do some of your favorite Meals in Instant Pot; for Ree, the pot is fried, chest and pulled pork. "When I truly became a believer, then I could do standby, tried and true recipes for a fraction of the time," she said.

Read on to see both the new Pioneer Woman Instant Potter from Walmart, and prepare yourself to be obsessed with the time-saving device, if you're not already. !

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