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Phil Spencer: Xbox builds more story-driven games than ever before

Phil Spencer says that Xbox has more story-driven games in development than ever before

If there has been a common complaint against the Xbox, it is the lack of story-driven experiences. Since PlayStation delivers titles like god of war and not mapped, our society has called for more. It seems that the feedback is being heard, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it’s more than ever in Xbox history.

Speaking to The Guardian, Spencer was asked if there is room for more “traditional forms of storytelling”

; on the Xbox. In response, he claimed that there are “more of them now than [there’s ever] host the history of the Xbox, adding that “if it works, [they] get value out of bringing players into the ecosystem. “

“I think we’ll probably build more of them now than we’ve been in Xbox history. Platform holders, whether the platform is a subscription or a hardware device or a store, are actively investing in new and probably more risky things, because if we work, we get value from bringing players into the ecosystem. “

Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, added this by explaining that developers “have no direction or mandate that every game must be an ongoing, enduring game”.

Instead, games are considered on a case-by-case basis. Xbox knows that teams like Double Fine are unlikely to operate by developing a project that runs for several seasons and years, for example.

“We have no direction or mandate that says that every game must be a continuous, continuous game. Toe [surrealist platforming game] Psychonauts: It could be Psychonauts 3, but I’m not going to tell you [designer] Tim Schafer has to make it. When I know the history of the games he makes, I do not think he will make a game that has seasons and continues for five years.

Sea of ​​Thieves has a long life, and we’re going to start building Halo multiplayer around seasons, but Compulsion Games, our studio in Montreal, was not told to build anything that will have seasons or six pieces of DLC or something. Tell me why it was an important story for us to get out there, but there is no mandate that they have to figure out how to make seasons for that game. “

Spencer has previously said that Xbox aims to “become a strong global brand in all markets” over the next few years, but the team is more focused on building player engagement rather than relying on console sales.

There are already quite a few single-player focused titles in the pipeline for the Xbox, for example Psychonauts 2, Senuas saga: Hellblade II, and Starfield. The brand has an exciting future ahead, and it is good to see that the perspective is focused on bringing a number of different experiences to the players through the Xbox Game Pass.

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