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Pete Lau ‘leaks’ his own OnePlus Nord N200

Usually we see established leaks pushing out phone channels in advance from their official revelations. Today, however, we saw a “leak” of a OnePlus phone from a much more unusual channel: the company’s CEO.

Pete Lau sat down with PCMag to talk about the next budget phone in the OnePlus Nord line known as the OnePlus Nord N200. It will be a direct follow-up to last year’s OnePlus Nord N100, which at the time was the company’s cheapest and lowest powered phone ever.

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As you might expect, the Nord N200 does not get too far from the shape of the N1

00. However, Lau says it contains at least two features that the N100 lacked: an FHD + screen and 5G support.

Check the reproduction Lau delivered to PCMag under.

OnePlus Nord N200

At first glance, the Nord N200 looks like a crib from the Samsung Galaxy S21 as well as the OnePlus 8T. However, it is much more benign than that: the phone is actually a rebranded version of the Oppo A93, which was launched in January this year. Please note that the OnePlus Nord N100 (and its more expensive sibling, the Nord N10) was also an Oppo brand.

As such, this phone does not have the iconic slider we attach to several premium OnePlus devices. If OnePlus sticks to its proper rebrand strategy, the specifications of the A93 suggest that the Nord N200 will have microSD card support, a headphone jack, a 48MP main camera sensor supported by two 2MP depth sensors, a large 5,000 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 480 chipset. However, these internal specifications may be slightly different for the OnePlus Nord N200.

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In particular, the phone has a 90Hz screen refresh rate as well. The Nord N100 also had this, but the screen was stuck at 720p. This time you get a 6.5-inch LCD screen with an FHD + resolution.

Lau says that the Nord 200 will soon be launched in the US for under $ 250. Judging by the success of the Nord N10 and Nord N100, it should sell incredibly well at that price.

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