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Peloton launches its first training game for connected bike owners

Ring Fit Adventure for Switch was a reminder that people like game-like workouts. Now the Peloton is jumping into the arena with his first training game entitled “Lanebreak.” The rhythm-based game is available on the training company’s stationary bikes and has a simple setup: Players control a rolling tire on a track by stepping and changing lanes with the resistance button in the face of multiple obstacles. This is Peloton, and the whole game is synchronized with a music soundtrack. Everything will look very familiar to anyone who has played process-generated music races Audiosurf.

Lanebreak is the culmination of several months of trials in which selected users played mini-games in two-week pilots. The idea is to export some of the core mechanics of games, mainly rewards and progression, to stimulate Peloton members to train more. Music, according to Peloton, acts as DNA that connects its usual training classes to the new game in an attempt to acclimatize beginners. For now, Lanebreak is still in early access mode with full launch scheduled for this winter.

The challenge is that there are many training player rivals in nature, although few have brand recognition to match the Peloton. Zwift, for example, offers an app with multiplayer cycling and running in a virtual world that users can interact with using their personal treadmill or bike trainer. While VR training software Supernatural transports you to exotic surroundings for its Beat Saber-style routines.

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