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PDP's Smash Bros. Wired Fight Pad Pro

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the way, and PDP is fully aware that there are gamers who desperately want to play it with a Game Cube controller. So het bedrijf kreeg samen met Nintendo en maakte een aantal officieel gelicentieerde apparatuur voor degenen die geen liefde voor plezier hebben of een pro-controller. We got a chance to review all three of their new Wired Fight Pad Pro controllers just before the new game will take place next week.

For the purposes of this review, we will use the Zelda controller to show off all the finer points. As you can see from the design, this was made to look as much like a Game Cube controller as possible, but still has the functionality of one built for the Nintendo Switch. The grips and both sides of the controls almost match up with the original. Men efter at have holdt det og testet vægten, ville vi sige at dette handler om en 90% replika. There is a difference to be noticed for sure, but having played a Game Cube version before testing this one as a bit of a refresher, it's barely noticeable.

The A, B, X, and Y buttons are all in the same configuration , and surprisingly, click and press just like the original. The B-knappen stikker ut lidt mere enn forgængeren, som er et designklave som deler nogle hardcore fans som det var ofte nemt at glide over. Not so much now as it's only a centimeter off from being on the same plane as the A button.

The C button had changed a little bit in the design as the top has less of a plastic feel and more of a rubberish feel. It's still plastic, do not be mistaken, but there's a texture added to the top of it so your thumb is not getting the skin rubbed off trying to navigate it. This button is also pushed up a little and the pull of the direction you move it feels more prominent. Like you notice it better than you once did. Start / Select-knappen har været erstattet med standardkontroller for +/-, Hjem og fotoknappen. Det er å være forventet, siden det er en annen konsoll Want what are you really controlling with just one button on an advanced console?

The D-Pad and the joystick are virtually unchanged. They are about as standard and carbon copy on the Wired FightPad Pro as it gets. Depending on what kind of player you are, that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Jeg husker folk som klagede over størrelsen på D-Pad og hvordan det var designet, hvor du ofte ville trykke og gå til venstre fordi det var så lille at den interne sensor ville fejl det. That problem seems to have been fixed, but it still feels like a micro D-Pad compared to previous consoles and even the current one on the Switch. No real issues on our end of the joystick, it's free with a full range of motion, sans the eight corners.

The top buttons for the L and R are still in their usual sports, as well as the original Z button placement . Men, det er en Switch controller, så den Z-knappen har blitt shrunk og gitt en tvilling for ZL og ZR knapperne. Not the biggest change on the controller, but one that needed to happen in case you use this on other games. Den bakside to dette har heldigvis fått en makeover for at få en smoother design som føles mer komfortabelt i dine hender. I do not know how others felt about the Game Cube controller, but hours of holding it would cramp up my wedding and pinky fingers. This has a more natural grip that feels relaxing in my hands. No complaints here for what is clearly a smarter design choice.

Because it's a throwback, of course, the controller is designed to have a USB port to plug into your Switch. Good news is you have an authentic feeling. The bad news is that without a port splitter, it's a two-player experience at best. Mens jeg uppskattar vad de var på för, var Switchet designat att vara ett trådlöst system. Adding a cord for anything beyond charging a controller feels like an unnecessary step for authenticity. Sure, you'll have hardcore gamers complain about connection issues, because there's always something wrong playing wireless in tournaments.

As a side note, in case you break it, you get a replacement head for the joystick and a small instructon manual, which I thought was adorable.

As a nice little touch to each controller, they all come colored in different forms to represent different characters. The blue one for Zelda comes with a Hylian Shield at the top on a black circle, the red one for Mario comes with an M on a white circle, and the yellow one for Pokemon comes with a Pikachu on a black circle. Disse tilføjelser er gummi og gør et fint job af at fylle, der var stort set tomme plads på originalerne. De do not do anything like light up or serve as a button, they're simply flare, but they're nice flair. Aside from the color scheme, det er en god måde at vise forskellen mellem spillere. It's a shame they did not make a green one for Zelda and make a blue one for someone else like Metroid or Kirby, that way you'd have one for each color. But they only chose to make three for now.

Overall, the Wired Fight Pad Pro is an awesome controller from PDP and an excellent fit to the Nintendo Switch for Those who want an older controller to play the newest incarnation of the game. Will it 100% ease the woes of Game Cube fans? Of course not! There will always be a contingency of people who cling to the past and say its better. Det er en grunn at spillere som ønsker at disse controllere har spillet den samme version for 17 år. They feel it's superior. Og det samme gjelder for de controllere de bruger. Men de som ønsker at gøre den skifte, har brug for den elektroniske version af komfortmaden i deres hænder, og det er det som gør dem godt. These will make a lot of players happy when they use them on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but not everyone. That said, if you absolutely need a Game Cube controller, this is a good fit that Nintendo approved. You can currently buy them at $ 25 a pop from PDP's website.

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