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Paris Hilton’s former SLR camera McLaren has insane service costs

As with supercars from moths from the 2000s, depreciation has hit the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren quite hard. Paris Hilton paid the princess’ sum of $ 463,000 for its shiny new SLR from 2006, and the same car was recently purchased at an online auction for “only” $ 180,000. Doing math, it means that today’s 300SL Gullwing has lost about $ 18,000 in value each year.

If you look at the other side of the coin, it can quickly become an economic disaster to maintain the SLR in top shape. The owner of this gray example learned that lesson the hard way after sending the car to a certified Mercedes workshop for a simple oil change, only to learn that the compressed V8 engine needs some serious TLC.

The list of service costs is worryingly long, but it belongs with the territory when you own a relatively rare supercar (a little over 21

00 cars were collected by McLaren at home in Woking). Relevant examples include “A Service” for $ 2,105, a new power steering pump for $ 2,220, a steering rack for as much as $ 6,270, and a used genuine Mercedes turbine-style wheel for $ 1,899 to replace the curved one.

But wait, there’s more. If you replace the bad aftermarket batteries with fresh OEM batteries, the bill increases by $ 1350, while new gas door struts are $ 2500 each. We could go on forever, and mentioned the brake line mounts the Mercedes dealer insisted on replacing for $ 1350, along with new tire pressure monitoring sensors for a cool $ 1,700 and brake caliper cooling ducts for $ 1,250.

Then there are various items, such as new wipers for $ 105, a wash nozzle for $ 500, a gas cap for $ 100, a tire fitting container for $ 215, and a replacement of a drain plug for $ 850. On top of these expenses, SLS needs extra replacements for to replace the components that wear out in time, including even the wheel bolts.

The end result for this specific SLR with over 21,000 miles (almost 33,800 kilometers) per day is a striking $ 34,565 (including tax) in service costs. To put it in perspective, a brand new A-Class Sedan in the base version is about $ 1,000 cheaper in the United States. As if that were not enough, sooner or later, the brake rotors will have to be replaced for no less than $ 20,000. The brake pads alone are about $ 3000.


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