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Panay Touts “the next generation of Windows”

In a very brief appearance during an Ignite 2021 session today, Windows CEO Panos Panay finally discussed the future of Windows. Guard and in passing.

“I have not talked about the next generation of Windows and what comes next, but I can tell you that I am so pumped,” he said, invoking his favorite catch phrase. “We are not talking about it today.”

It is not clear what Panay was talking about today: The session where he made this comment, called The heartbeat of modern work: A Windows fireside chat with Panos Panay & Roanne Sones, was less than 15 minutes long. And he did not really say much about the substance.

“I know the future of Windows is incredible, what we bring to the table for sure,” he continued. “But in the end, we’re here today to talk about Windows 10 and what Windows 10 brings to the table, and how we can support our customers and partners here at Ignite.”

I just want to throw out this observation: It’s interesting to me that he refers to “the next generation of Windows” when he refers to the future, but he explicitly calls the current version “Windows 10.” This can only be because something called Windows 10X is coming soon. But it can also indicate that there will be a brand change for what we think of as Windows 10 version 21H2.

We will know soon enough.

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