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Palia is a cozy, Stardew-inspired MMO

The influence of both Stardew Valley and Breath Of The Wild can not be stopped. Exhibition no. 23590: Palia, which appears to contain elements of both. The announcement trailer shows lush, green hills, players using gliders, and a focus on breeding, home decoration and romantic NPCs. What sets it apart is that it is also an MMO.

Here is the trailer:


7;s developers are explicit about wanting to offer a cozy gaming experience that is as much about creativity as anything else. The game’s press release talks about a “flexible fashion system”, and the opportunity to become “an award-winning chef, or the best gardener in the world.”

I’m not sure how these activities relate to the multiplayer elements, or exactly how “massive” an MMO it is. The press release also mentions a “social matchmaking system”, which indicates that the world will be instantiated, but I do not know if you want gardening together or just jogging with bows and bumpers according to the video. Is it an MMO, or is it just co-op Stardew Valley with Aliens and a better update pipeline – Temtem of farming?

Palia is developing Singularity 6, a new studio founded by veterans of “Blizzard, Epic, Riot, Zynga and Sony”. Page description: these companies are so large, and employ so many people with such low staffing, that pretty much every new studio I hear about is founded by former employees of the same companies.

No matter how staged it may be, the trailer is cute. I feel that the robot man with the straw hat is a cheap trick to charm me, but it worked. It’s also been a long time since anything in the MMO genre has caught my eye, and honestly I’m just happy to see a game that borrows from places other than EverQuest.

We’ll learn more when Palia’s pre-alpha launches this summer, and you can sign up to be involved via the official website.

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