7:49 PST.

OnePlus 8T launched Android 11 out of the box, and to date it is the only OnePlus phone to rock the latest Android building. While its predecessors eagerly await their turn, the 8T continues to march forward with a series of incremental updates released in its relatively short lifespan. Now the latest OxygenOS release is coming out, complete with a long list of network and system fixes.

First, OnePlus has enhanced full-screen motion and made the fingerprint reader a little faster when you unlock your phone. In addition to the newly added option for adjusting the keyboard height, 8T also picks up a smaller solution for the pre-installed Gallery app and enhances night landscape photography. Engineers also seem to have solved the problem of Wi-Fi connections falling, while improving overall network stability.

In terms of an India-exclusive feature, the OnePlus Store will now act as a one-stop-shop to access your Red Cable club membership and purchase OnePlus products. While this add-on sounds a bit spammy (and even reminds us of Samsung’s ads on the device marketing its own products), OnePlus says you have the option to uninstall it completely.

As always, OxygenOS will only be released to a handful of users, and wider availability may take up to a few days. OnePlus notes that in Europe they have to wait a little longer, as the launch only covers North America and India right now.

Error update

Right after OnePlus released the latest OxygenOS version for 8T, the original forum post was flooded with user reports of broken audio and video playback features. The problems seem to plague the entire device – for example, all media files played or streamed with apps like YouTube or WhatsApp, suffer from severe strains. Some users even experienced general inertia and occasional chills. Fortunately, many remained immune to all of these problems.

Thanks to a large user community around the world, several quick solutions were identified in a short time, some of which sound a bit peculiar, but have obviously solved these errors for many. The first involves recording a short video (say about 10 seconds long) from the standard camera app and viewing it in Gallery. Even then, a reboot can reverse the solution, in which case this other solution can come to the rescue. Turning off Google Assistant’s voice match settings has proven successful for many, nor is it affected by the device’s power cycles. Some even managed to solve the problem by turning on battery saving mode and / or pressing the phone.

OnePlus seems to be aware of these issues and has reportedly released a hotfix for all bugs in OxygenOS version But you should not install the update yet, as several 8T owners who had no issues with v11.0.6.7 now have them. If you have not installed any of these updates yet, it may be better to steer clear of them until OnePlus comes out with a proper solution and a statement about this whole situation. And those who are already in the newer building, can try the above solutions to at least make your phone weakly usable in the meantime.