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Overwatch’s cowboy is renamed after his namesake’s allegations of sexual assault

Video game image of a grizzled Old West gunfighter.
Enlarge / The cowboy formerly known as McCree is currently “Man with No Name”.

Overwatch’s cowboy gets a new name.

This is Blizzard’s latest attempt to save the image. The studio is handling a lawsuit from the state of California in July over employees̵

7; allegations of sexual discrimination and harassment, and the latest public defense was poorly received. The cowboy’s namesake was Diablo 4former head designer Jesse McCree, who was fired after photos showed him inside the “Cosby Suite”, where female employees reported being harassed. The announcement comes a day after Golden State accused the company in an amended complaint about the shredding of HR documents.

Cowboy McCree is a gun-for-rent loner in Overwatch history. In the game, an interaction jokingly raises doubts about whether McCree’s first name is Joel, but it was officially Jesse.

Blizzard's statement in its entirety.
Enlarge / Blizzard’s statement in its entirety.

The change is not insignificant, which causes a delay in new history content that was previously planned for September. In its statement, Blizzard set a vague date later this year for that expansion. Meanwhile, Overwatch players will receive a new FFA card next month instead. Furthermore, no sign will take the name of employees forward. Blizzard’s Twitter post reads: “… we are building a fictional universe that is unmistakably different from the real world” and is “a continuous commitment to honest reflection.”

There is no word on potential new names for McCree, but Blizzard’s post says it will keep the community updated when these changes are in place.

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