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Overwatch’s April Fools’ Day joke is an evil universe version of the game

OverwatchExperimental mode has always been a way for Blizzard to try new things and see what can work well without committing to a set of changes. For this April Fools’ Day, the developer is running an experimental card that is road different. This is live now in Overwatch, if anyone wants to see a dark mirrored version of FPS where Mei is an unstoppable, huge tank, Sigma can fly, and D.Va can drop me down from the sky and crush anyone who is unlucky enough to be in the shadows.


Dev comment: We have received feedback that Ana players do not often see the immediate effect of their ult, since it is usually used on Genji and Winston who immediately jump out of range. With this change, Ana can also enjoy the fruits of her labor with inflated arrows and damage reduction.

Nano Boost

Increasing an ally will now also increase Ana


Dev comment: Point the shiny Coach Gun at your face now more closely matches expectations.

Coach Gun

Projectile damage increased from 6 to 9

Can now handle critical damage

Dispersion reduced by 50%

No longer strikes back enemies


Development Comment: The slightly-less-mortality field not only has the same ring to it, but we can experiment. Maybe the device should be immortal so that we can manage in a technical way.

Biotic Launcher (Secondary Fire)

Direct grenade hits heal for 33% more health

Immortality Field

Now the damage is reduced by coming in by 50% instead of setting a minimum health value

Cooling down from 25 to 1

5 seconds


Dev comment: Bastion is still becoming a tank, but is no longer tank size. We also tightened some screws on his gun arm, and the spread of weapons just went away! Less beeping volume, more benchable.


Grade scale reduced by 15%

Configuration: Recon

Weapon spread removed


Dev comment: We’ve heard players get really excited about all things like crowd control, so now with this cute combination you can potentially increase stun time, or I guess use it for mobility (uh, boring).


Beating an enemy now resets the cooling of Shield Bash


Development Comment: The enemy team will often disrespectfully ignore pilot D.Va. It will now be harder to survive a mech being dropped on you.

Call me

Now deals 600 damage to enemies by impact

Ultimate cost reduced by 30%


Dev comment: And they say he could plan a skyscraper. It really put a lot of creative constraints on our ideas on skyscraper themes. This change should also address the issue that some Doomfist players occasionally touch the ground.

Rocket Punch

Can now travel upwards


Dev Comment: Echo players are actually some of the most helpful people around. They always say things like “here I will show you how it is done”. This change will allow players to be more helpful to each other in the game.


The duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds


Development Comment: Unconfirmed Rumor: Genji’s cybernetics is actually driven by the blood of his fallen enemies.


Cooling is now reset after eliminating a target


Dev Comment: Just spread them around wherever you want, claiming that you have completely set it up if it eliminates anyone.

Storm player

Storm Arrows ricochet now the environment


Dev comment: The players did not spend enough time admiring the beautiful floor structures, so we make it possible for Junkrat to place a few more dangers. Discovery is a very powerful and exciting motivator, so now there will potentially be even more surprises lurking underground.

Steel trap

Can now have up to 3 traps active at the same time

Cooling down from 10 to 7 seconds


Dev Comment: Tinnitus is not a joke. Do not let that happen to you.

Amplify it up

Now the strength of Soundwave’s knockback is also increasing


Dev Comment: Bullets work strangely in the future. The same goes for tumbleweeds.

Peacekeeping (primary fire)

Headshots now refund 1 ammunition


No longer limited to 1 tumbleweed


Dev comment: An ice wall is literally a physical barrier. But Mei can also do a lot of damage. Do you not see that this endless conflict is tearing us apart?


Transferred to the Tank role

Grading scale increased by 15%

Health increased from 250 to 400


Dev Comment: It would be a bad time to underestimate the surprising amount of damage Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster can do. There is no escape. I’m sorry.

Guardian angel

Can now target enemies


Dev comment: There is definitely a desire to get close and hurt someone when you play Moira, so we will lean into that, but also go in the opposite direction by stimulating to heal allies. tower-fingers-maniac-form intensifies

Biotic grip (secondary fire)

The range decreased from 20 to 15 meters

Injuries increased from 50 to 75 injuries per second

Biotic Orb

Cooling down by 1 second for every 100 health restored to an ally with Biotic Grasp (Primary Fire)


Development Comment: Orisa continues to learn to take full advantage of its four-legged movement. We expect this game change to help deepen players’ attachment to the hero as they play as a budding, centaur-like omnic who is trusted to be the protector of Numbani.


Forward speed increased by 40%


Dev comment: We nerve Barrage so that it will now on average result in fewer player deaths.


Cooling down from 9 to 6 seconds


Can now move while casting


Development Comment: Recent studies have concluded that bodily ghosts, such as wraiths, are more frightening while in the air.

Shadow Step

Thread time reduced from 1.5 to 1 second

Wraith Form

Now provides flight for the duration


Development Comment: The Crusader Armor User Manual states that precision German engineering does not require replacement of steering fluid as part of regularly scheduled maintenance; please do so at your own discretion.


Now has 200% more power steering


Development comment: Alternatively, the new cooling for Chain Hook is 4 seconds, but lacking with the hook demoralizes Roadhog enough that he can not muster the enthusiasm to try again as soon as, and double the cooling time.

Chain Hook

Cooling down by 50% after hitting an enemy


Dev comment: The experimental barrier was heavier than expected. Putting it aside has made it possible for Sigma to no longer be anchored so close to the ground.


No longer bound by gravity

Experimental barrier


Kinetic grip

Cooling down from 12 to 8 seconds


Dev comment: So it turns out that aiming at the head is the superior tactical choice.


Now generates 6 ammunition per second while active

Tactical visor

Now aiming for head shots


Development comment: EDITOR


Stealth changes


Development Comment: Symmetra’s Photon Projector now projects photons further.

Photon projector (primary fire)

The width range increased from 12 to 16 meters


Dev comment: While Torbjörn has a Rivet pistol, his true mastery is revealed with a hammer in his hand. He’s much better at fixing towers with it than people.

Forge Hammer

The damage increased by 200% while overload is active

Kill strikes increase the duration of the overload by 2 seconds


Dev comment: It does not matter if you did not have any Blink loads 3 seconds ago, they all come back! The logic of time travel is not to question.


Now restores all Blink charges


Dev comment: Lower health means we can do her more harm, right?

Widow’s Kiss (Primary Fire)

The injuries increased from 13 to 15

Spread reduced by 30%

Widow’s Kiss (Secondary Fire)

Charged shots now pierce enemies


Dev Comment: Winstons Primal Rage offensive power did not quite live up to our high expectations of a genetically modified space monkey, so we give it a little push. Winston also has a soft spot for his inventions, so if you thought that destroying his glasses upset him …

Barrier projector

Enemy damage now gives Winston the ultimate cost

Primal Rage

Melee damage increased from 40 to 90

Melee knockback increased by 40%


Development comment: Both Wrecking Ball’s mobility and survivability were often called into question. Were these setting values ​​correct for the game? I guess we could buff them if we had to.


All cooling of capabilities reduced by 3 seconds


Is now always active

The injuries increased from 50 to 60

Grappling Claw

The cooling increased from 5 to 7 seconds

Adaptive shield

No longer prevents enemies from generating the ultimate charge


Development comment: Zarya is no longer burdened by distributing barriers evenly between herself and her teammates. She is now empowered to selfishly bring them both for the better, or give them selflessly.


Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier are now on a common cooling with 2 charges


Dev comment: There is actually no limit to Zenyatta’s power, but he demonstrates great discipline in his moderation. He comes in and leaves the meta at his own request.


Can now soar for up to 3 seconds by holding Jump

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