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Overwatch Summer Games 2021 leather leaked: Sigma, Orisa, more

Overwatch’s Summer Games event is just around the corner, but the devs apparently hid a teaser for each new skin this year in the previews we’ve already seen.

Every Overwatch fan loves the Summer Games event. Since 2016, it has been a favorite of gamers because it usually introduces some of the coolest tracks that heroes can rock in the game.

2021 will not be any different based on the tracks Mei, Symmetra and Ashe we have already seen preview of. Now, investigating fans have discovered what appears to be a shot of all the new cosmetics in one place.


We have Overwatch YouTuber Blame the Controller to thank for bringing us to this very interesting picture on July 19th. Although it was on screen for a few seconds, there are at least four skins we have not seen before for Winston, Pharah, Orisa and Sigma.

Let’s start from left to right, shall we? Winston’s new look definitely looks epic, and we’ll bet you’ll probably see this water blue getup as a reward for one of the weekly challenges.

Another likely candidate for a weekly challenge reward is Pharah’s new red skin. ‘But Dexerto’ you might ask ‘are you sure it’s not just her lifeguard skin?’ Yes, reader, we’m sure, because if you look closely, she’s wearing the whole flight suit, not the bathing suit.

Finally, the next weekly challenge skin can be a bit of a toss. We have two unique skins for Sigma and Orisa that both look like they can be legendary.

The fact that Sigma’s skin seems to change a lot more from his design (or take off more, but you want to look at it), is probably more likely that Orisa, no matter what she is meant to be (a horse jockey maybe?) third challenge skin.

Again, thanks to Blame the Controller for pointing this out on Twitter. If anything, it makes us want to jump into the summer games and check out the new cosmetics even more.

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