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Overwatch League accidentally displays the flag’s explicit poster on Shanghai LAN

During the Chengdu Hunters match against the Seoul dynasty on July 11, a fan managed to get on camera with an explicit sign that probably should not have been sent to tens of thousands of viewers around the world.

The Chengdu Hunters managed to beat the Seoul dynasty 3-2 on July 11 and advance in the playoffs of the Summer Showdown.

A big win for the team to be sure, but viewers who lined up for the match were treated to a shot of a fan poster that probably should have stayed as just an idea. You can even watch it in VOD on YouTube, about the 4:45 mark.

As you can see in the tweet above, the sign shows a tiger (Seoul’s mascot) being sexually attacked by a panda bear (Chengdo’s mascot), so it’s no wonder many were not happy when it appeared in the stream.

“I’m sorry, but why does the show show pictures like these?” OWL fan gatamchun tweets. “Must the Chinese cameraman with a live event be told explicitly that” fan sign graphically depicts sexual abuse as a metaphor for winning “should not be caught for broadcast ????”

Many agreed with them and called the poster “rough” and definitely in bad taste. When it was first tweeted by @GuipsyOff though, the official Chengdu Hunters account responded with the smiling emoji surrounded by hearts.


This one should definitely have stayed in the drafts, Chengdu.

To be fair, the Hunters social media manager might not have seen the character in question on the screen until it was too late and the tweet had already been sent. They deleted it shortly after, though, possibly after realizing what was on the poster.

Considering the drama we’ve seen over the signs in the Overwatch League in the past, and the fact that it’s toying as a “family-friendly” show (remember when the games were on the Disney Channel?) That made it slide through the cracks and on a somehow make it flow has understandably confused and even angered many longtime fans.

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