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Outriders will permanently mark players cheating

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Outriders releases in less than a week, and if you plan to cheat, be warned: You will forever be labeled a dirty cheater and will not be able to play with regular players via matchmaking.

In a blog post before the release on Steam, Outriders developer People Can Fly posted a bunch of information on things like pre-loading, post-launch support, changes made to the game since the demo, and more. A section was devoted to cheaters. And it seems that People Can Fly is serious about cheaters. What is interesting about this is that Outriders is strictly a co-op and solo online shooter. There are no PVP or competitive aspects of the game.

According to devs, only about 0.01% of demo players cheated. But to be clear, the studio sees you all. All of you. It even pointed out a cheater who gave himself 600 poorly received legendary weapons. That is impressive! (Contact me if you are reading this, I have questions.)

If you decide to cheat, you will not be banned, but you will be punished in some other way. First, cheaters will be kept separate from legitimate players during matchmaking. People Can Fly warns that this will probably lead to longer waiting times. Also a small, discreet but easy to spot mark will be added to HUD. So if you say, a popular streamer, everyone will be able to see you cheated.

The developers also posted what they consider cheating. Here is the list:

  • Runs the game intentionally on PC without Easy Anti Cheat (EAC)
  • Modifying game files to improve the grade: levels, skills, inventory, etc.
  • External modification of playing time to reduce time-dependent functions such as suppliers and challenges
  • By using a coaching program or similar to gain benefits in the game
  • Use of game modification programs such as aimbots or wallhacks.

If you cheated during the demonstration, People Can Fly gives you the chance to repent and wash away your sins. Before starting the entire game, which allows players to transfer your demo characters and equipment, you must delete all characters and items in your entire account. A full drought. Do so, and your account will not be marked as a cheater.

People Can Fly also clarified that breeding for looting is not cheating. So please go out and look for the Outriders’ prey caveequivalent. And to be clear, cheating will not get you banned. So if you just want to play solo or with a friend who is also cheating, you can still do it. You will be branded as a cheater, but you probably do not care anyway!

Outriders is set to launch April 1 for (Deep Breath) PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. It will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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