When OnePlus launched the 9 Pro, the company highlighted the $ 969 starting price of the new phone in an 8 GB / 128 GB “base” model. Unfortunately, it was not actually available for purchase in the United States at the time, and all you could buy was the more expensive $ 1

,069 version of the phone. In April, OnePlus told us that this basic model was still to come, it had simply been delayed. But now the company has made a face, and it has confirmed to us that the 8/128 GB base model OnePlus 9 Pro will never come to the US or Canada.

To date, neither OnePlus nor any of its North American dealers or operator partners have sold the phone’s base model. When we first contacted OnePlus about the subject in April, no explanation was given for the delay. However, the company claimed that the version would eventually come here, a plan that has apparently changed:

“The OnePlus 9 Pro 8×128 GB variant was originally set to go on sale in North America for $ 969. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delivery restrictions specific to North American devices, we recently concluded that it is no longer possible to bring this configuration in the US and Canada. In North America, we prioritize the 12×256 GB version to ensure that users have access to the device with the highest specification. “

The current explanation is consistent with our first guess that supply chain issues are responsible for the delay, although it is at least a little strange that OnePlus can still secure parts for the more expensive version of the phone. But if you were hoping to buy the base OnePlus 9 Pro for under $ 1,000 in the US, you’re in luck: it’s not coming. OnePlus 9 Pro is only available in the more expensive $ 1,069 version here.