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OnePlus Nord 2 will be introduced on July 22, but not for the United States

Until now, OnePlus Nord 2 has only been exposed to leaks and speculation, unless you count this unintentional mention on the company’s website. We had heard that it may be the first OnePlus phone to have a MediaTek processor, and it turns out to be perfect. Today, OnePlus officially acknowledged the existence of the upcoming North successor and confirmed that it will use an exclusive version of the Dimensity 1

200 chipset.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G, to give it its full title (we must not forget the important 5G) will be powered by a new MediaTek processor with enhanced AI features designed to help camera performance, enhance the phone’s screen and enable better gaming experiences. The chip is called Dimensity 1200-AI to distinguish it from the less artificially intelligent sibling.

In practical terms, this means that Nord 2’s camera system will be able to recognize 22 different scenes, adjust color and contrast accordingly to provide better images. This should also lead to improvements in low light image processing. When it comes to video, OnePlus says it will allow live HDR effects during recording, and DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range) will fine-tune recording for the best possible quality and color accuracy.

Nord 2 is basically expected to look like all other Nord phones.

The processor will also utilize AI for two features that enhance the screen. AI Color Boost and AI Resolution Boots will automatically do their thing based on the type of content you are watching. There is also Smart Ambient Display which will change the brightness of the screen based on contextual awareness as well as ambient light level.

Finally, the new chipset is also said to improve gaming performance, although the benefits are a bit more vague in this area. Wait for higher refresh rates in certain games (Brawl Stars was mentioned as an example), low latency, improved heat management and efficient battery usage – all the buzzwords you expect from a phone that can play.

It’s about everything we officially know about Nord 2 5G for now, but the launch may not be far off. Get ready for the usual, tired drip feed of info over the coming weeks before an almost completely revealed device is finally revealed to us.

Coming July 22, but not to the US

The latest treat that came out of OnePlus regarding the upcoming Nord 2 5G mid-ranger is that it will be announced on July 22nd. The company’s CEO, Pete Lau, wrote in a forum post that it will be introduced later this month for users in Europe and India only, other than to confirm that the US will once again miss the more exciting end of the North lineup.

So the pieces start to fall into place. We have the name, the chipset and the launch date. We will no doubt get a new bite sometime in the next few days.

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