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OnePlus launches its first Apple Watch competitor as a two-week battery life and $ 159 price tag

OnePlus has unveiled its first smartwatch today, and the portable device receives many signals from the Apple Watch. While this is no surprise, and many Apple Watch clones have come before, the OnePlus Watch seems to stand out with a round design, two weeks of battery life and other advanced features at a budget price of just $ 159.

When it comes to Apple Watch-inspired features, the OnePlus Watch has the most hits: the sports band (which can be easily changed), oxygen monitoring in the blood, tracking of over 100 workouts, over 50 dials, built-in GPS, “breathing exercise” Heart rate tracking including HRV / stress monitoring, sleep tracking, sapphire crystal display and more.

But beyond what the Apple Watch Series 6 offers, OnePlus says the new watch will have a huge two-week battery life for regular use or a week for heavy users and come to a fraction of the Apple Watch price of $ 1

59. OnePlus says that the watch will be able to get a week’s use from just 20 minutes on the charger.

In particular, the OnePlus Watch does not run Google’s Wear OS and uses a custom RTOS build (similar to what Fitbit does) that will allow for compatibility with iOS as well as Android. However, iOS support will not be available for launch in April. OnePlus told our sister site 9to5Google: “iOS compatibility comes at a later date and works with 10.0 or later.”

OnePlus will also sell a special cobalt alloy version of the watch. While the laptop sounds like it packs a lot, some major limitations include no mobile model and no app store for developers / third-party apps. So in reality, this will sit somewhere between basic training trackers and the Apple Watch in true functionality.

OnePlus Watch goes on sale on April 14 in the midnight black variant.

Oh yes, and one more thing that OnePlus decided to copy was Apple’s main design:

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