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OnePlus Buds Pro announced September 1 for $ 150

OnePlus today announced its third set of true wireless earbuds, OnePlus Buds Pro. Called the company’s “most advanced listening device” yet, the new earbuds debut with the Nord 2 smartphone. They will be sold in the US and Canada on September 1 for $ 149.99 and come in either white or matte black.

The earbuds have quite an AirPods Pro-esque, although the OnePlus has gone with a shiny chrome stem that looks quite eye-catching. After last year’s difficult situation at the US border, the company has good reason to go for a more visually distinct design.

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus Buds Pro has what the company describes as “smart adaptive noise reduction”, which means that they automatically adjust how much NC is used based on your environment. “Each earplug has a three microphone setup that actively filters out noise levels of up to 40 dB as needed to provide a much more comfortable and tailored listening experience, unlike conventional ANC systems with fixed levels of noise reduction,” the company wrote in its press release. The earbuds also support Dolby Atmos sound.

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus points to endurance as another strength, with OnePlus Buds Pro able to extend to a total of 38 hours of listening time when you include suitcase charging. At a single cost, you get five hours with ANC activated and seven hours with it off. These are both more average numbers that are in line with the competition.

The company’s Warp Charge cable charging is supported; a 10-minute charge is supposedly good for 10 hours of listening, and you can also juice them up on any Qi wireless charger. The earbuds have Bluetooth 5.2 and transfer game mode with low latency from the company’s previous knobs.

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