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OnePlus 9 5G and 9 Pro prices leak hours before the unveiling

Today it is The unveiling day for the OnePlus 9 series, and at this point, almost everything to know about the upcoming affordable handsets has been leaked, tipped or teased directly by OnePlus.

Everything but a small detail – the price for all the stated specifications on the top shelf at reasonable prices. Prices used to be at least reasonable when OnePlus was the scrappy underdog, but now that it is pouring $ 150 million into its efforts for mobile photography with Hasselblad, the ambitions are much greater.

Alleged OnePlus 9 Pro price and release date leak

The phones have already appeared at a European dealer, reports GSMManiak, and while the prices are the same for the course in terms of Snapdragon 888 flagships from popular brands, the 9 Pro is a little higher than what OnePlus charged for its predecessor:
  • OnePlus 9 Pro Price in USD: $ 1139 (12 GB / 256 GB), $ 1039 (8 GB / 128 GB)
  • OnePlus 9 price in USD: $ 905 (12 GB / 256 GB), $ 805 (8 GB / 128 GB)
  • OnePlus 9 Series Pre-Order and Release Date: March 31 Pre-Order, April Release (EU)
Of course these OnePlus 9 prices are after conversion from local currency, and Europe has a higher tax on electronics imports, so US prices will probably be at least Benjamin lower in USD, but still the fact that we may see the first OnePlus phone that really breaks the price barrier of $ 1000, is somewhat sober.
Meanwhile, Ronald Quandt from Winfuture also confirmed the European price for the base models, and they do not differ from what the 8-series commanded at launch, but they are the best memory models that can break the $ 999 threshold.

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