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OnePlus 6T navigation moves will be reworked, & nbsp; new user interface & # 39;

Visitor Navigation was recently taken on Android recently, and OnePlus was one of the first to embrace it with a collection of optional navigational movements. Now, before the new launch, the company is talking about how it will revise OnePlus 6T navigation movements.

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An interview published today at OnePlus Forum discusses how the company plans to change its custom software team, OxygenOS, as time goes on. There is a lot of new information here, but the most interesting piece is linked to the OnePlus 6T navigation movements. Apparently, the next release of these movements, which first debuted on OnePlus 5T, will make some significant improvements.

The original movements will stick and work as usual, but OnePlus says that it has reworked some things to be more natural and fluid. For example, when you look up to return to the home screen, the app window will emulate the path of the user's finger. OnePlus has also added a quick-switch motion that allows users to easily go back and forth between the recently used applications. Personally, this was my major issue with OnePlus movements, so I'm glad to see it get some attention.

Furthermore, OnePlus details like Google Assistant will be readily available on the OnePlus 6T navigation gestures as well. The company previously launched a shortcut to access the power button assistant, and it will be on OnePlus 6T. A 0.5 second press will start the assistant.

We have made navigational items more evenly assembled. When you sweep into an app, the application window will follow your finger, giving a more natural experience. It's also faster in two ways: With a quick girl from the bottom of the screen to the right of the screen, you can switch between 2 recently used apps. Since there is no navigation bar using movement, users could not double-click the "update" button to quickly switch between apps. This new gesture provides a quick and easy replacement. Another thing that users could not do with Gestures in Version 1 quickly gained access to Google Assistant. Therefore, we've added a new action: Just hold the power button for 0.5 seconds to enable Google Assistant.

Interestingly, OnePlus states that it brings a "brand new user interface" to OnePlus 6T. Given the company's previous focus on getting close to Android storage, this review is a bit of a mystery. How much will change? What does OnePlus mean by the "most characteristic and intuitive" user interface yet? We must wait and see when OnePlus 6T debuts on October 30th.

We work with lots of exciting things for OnePlus 6T. We have a brand new user interface that will experience for yourself to really understand. Our goal was to express the OnePlus design language in our user interface, making this the most distinctive and intuitive version of OxygenOS yet.

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