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One year after saying it will release 93 games in five years, Take-Two says it will release 93 games in five years

Almost a full year after announcing that they plan to release 93 games over the next five years, parent company Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive has once again said they will release 93 games over the next five years. This number comes from Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call today, where the company gave the very specific number without acknowledging that it had been a year since it first gave the number, or outlining how the releases over the past year fit into the planned list of exact 93 titles.

When asked by an investor about the conversation to elaborate on how the past year had affected the number, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff seemed to indicate that “93 titles in five years” as a benchmark had started in 2020, and not just moved up as a new goal to start in 2021

.The “93 titles” that we posted there were a snapshot, it was a moment in time, “he said.” And we haven’t really given any updates about it since then. Of course things move in and out all the time, it has not really been that long since then, so you can not really expect that there will be a significant movement, but I can safely tell you that there are some things that have fell out and some things left. But overall, these are still pretty good numbers. We expect this pipeline to be floating we get things through various milestones, so it will change over time, but we have not given any other updates than the first announcement we posted. “

He also broke down some statistics about the company’s expectations for the 93 titles, which by the way are again the same statistics he gave in May last year: 63 titles are “core gaming experiences,” 17 are “the core” and 13 are “informal.” He expects that 47 of the releases will be existing IP, while the rest is new IP. 72 are planned for console, PC and streaming services, with seven of these 72 switching to mobile; 23 of the 93 will only be on mobile. And 67 of the games will be premium releases, while 26 are free to play.

This is not to say that Take-Two has not made progress towards the goal of 93 releases in the last year. In 2020, the subsidiaries released a number of games, including Disintegration from Private Division, and many games from 2K Games including Carnival Games, NBA 2K21, XCOM: Chimera Squad, WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Mafia: Definition Edition. It also released various DLC packs (which Slatoff had previously calculated do not count for 93 game releases), as well as older games released on new platforms, such as Borderlands 3 and NBA 2K21 coming to the next generation platforms, and BioShock: The Collection comes to the Nintendo Switch – it is unclear if these will be included in the 93.

It is also likely that this figure is an indication of a milestone set in the current financial year, which Take-Two is still in the middle of and which ends on 31 March 2020. It is possible that the company will provide a more complete update on progress towards the 93 game releases in the next quarter’s economy, which will include full – year earnings and targets for the new financial year.

Upcoming games that could potentially be among this number include GTA 6, not yet announced, a new BioShock game, Kerbal Space Program 2 (which is delayed until at least 2022), and the regular annual slate of 2K Sports titles including NBA 2K.

Take-Two reported another strong quarter of revenue, including new record milestones for GTA Online and Red Dead Online, with the previously seen engagement rate rising after the release of Cayo Perico Heist late last year.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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