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One-owner 1969 Pontiac GTO parked since 1985 has a mysterious original muscle

So in general, the GTO itself is a car that can instantly capture everyone’s attention regardless of condition, but when you add some original stuff, a matching number engine and a full story, the excitement really goes through the roof.

The 1969 GTO we have here has everything it needs to become an Internet sensation, and this is why over 30 people are already struggling to get it home as part of a reserve auction on eBay. In other words, the highest bidder becomes the new owner of GTO, and with 5 days left until the auction ends, there is a chance that the price increased significantly.

This GTO is a single car that was originally purchased new in Virginia before it was eventually moved to Florida, Hawaii and California.


7;s real estate salesman explains that the car is complete and comes with air conditioning, power steering and power brakes from the factory, but also with original documentation, receipts, user manual and even a copy of the check that was used to pay for the car.

As for the general condition, it looks fair, but it is far from perfect, with a little rust in the outer wheel arches. The seller says that some paint has already been done at some point, so you should inspect this thoroughly before buying.

On the other hand, the part under the hood is as interesting as it is mysterious. Although we know that there are corresponding numbers 400 paired with an automatic transmission, no other information has been shared because the owner only wanted to sell the car in its current condition.

I have not tried to start or do anything mechanical with the car,” they say.

Without a doubt, this GTO is definitely worth checking out, which is why interest in the eBay auction is already so high. The top bid is $ 14,600, but as I said, expect to skyrocket in the next few days.

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