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One of the best outdoor cameras is on sale for $ 52


Wyze Cam Outdoor is completely weatherproof and can sit on a flat surface or mount just about anywhere.

Chris Monroe / CNET

I have not hidden my love for Wyze security cameras. One of them earned a place in Cheapskate Hall of Fame, and others are close challengers. But because they are so cheap to begin with, deals are rare. Even a small discount is worth noting.

Which brings us to this: For a limited time, and as long as stock lasts, will The Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle is on sale for $ 52 at Amazon. Regular price: $ 60. (Hi, I said there was a small discount.)

When that happens, Wyze proper also has a sale on the Starter package, but the extra shipping cost gets you back to that $ 60 price tag.

I have been using a Wyze Cam Outdoor for about eight months and I have to say it has been an absolute master. The package consists of the camera itself and a small wireless base station; the latter can be paired with up to four cameras. Originally you had to connect that drive to your router, but a recent firmware update allows it to work wirelessly. Now all it needs is an electrical outlet.

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When it comes to the camera, it is easy to mount and set up. Like other Wyze Cams I’ve tried, it streams sharp 1080p video to your phone and tablet, offering two weeks’ worth of cloud storage at no extra charge. (You can also turn in a cheap microSD card for virtually unlimited local recording.)

Battery life is excellent – I probably go four to five months before I need to charge – and the camera had no trouble resisting the summer heat at the Michigan level and the winter cold.

One thing to note: Although motion detection is one of the many included features, if you will person detection (which can definitely help reduce unwanted motion alerts), you need to subscribe to Cam Plus. It currently costs $ 1.25 per month per camera, when billed annually. Well worth it, if you ask me, especially considering all the other features you also get: package discovery, vehicle discovery, unlimited recording length and so on.

Why not get Wyze Cam v3 instead? It is also weatherproof and currently sells for only $ 30. But it does require power, which can be challenging depending on where you plan to mount it. In addition, Wyze Cam Outdoor includes a travel mode that allows you to record video while disconnected from Wi-Fi.

The point: Whether you buy it for $ 52 or $ 60, it’s a great product. Definitely Cheapskate-recommended.

Your thoughts?

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