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OLED Nintendo Switch reportedly uses new Nvidia chip with DLSS support

The next Nintendo Switch will use a new Nvidia system-on-chip with support for DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), according to a report in Bloomberg. The chip is said to provide improvements in GPU and CPU performance, and DLSS works as Nintendo’s solution for displaying higher resolution images on 4K TVs.

DLSS was introduced with Nvidia’s RTX 20 series GPUs, based on the Turing architecture. It uses neural networks to reconstruct real-time, high-quality game images. Different versions of the technology depend on the GPU’s tensor cores and AI training on specific games, but the result is that you can render a game with a lower traditional resolution and get a much higher output with minimal performance penalties.

This makes it theoretically well-suited for the Switch, which often struggles to hit its own native resolutions of 720p in handheld mode or 1

080p on a TV screen. It is also not surprising to hear that the new switch will require a completely new chip design from Nvidia; the original switch used a Tegra X1, which was announced in 2015 before Nvidia stopped producing general mobile SoCs. With the switch’s success, it’s undoubtedly worthwhile for Nvidia to deliver a new custom design.

Bloomberg has already reported that the new switch will have a 7-inch OLED screen. Today’s report states that the unit is scheduled for this holiday season.

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