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Oh, Goody, E3 wants an award show

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Picture: Entertainment Software Association

After a week-long stream of digital events, and one four-day press conferences, E3 2021 will culminate in an award ceremony, the Entertainment Software Association announced today. Jippi…

You may be thinking to yourself: “Wait a minute, haven’t E3 awards always existed?” You are not wrong. There is a basic book art for games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and BioShock Infinite has golden badges proclaiming dozens of “E3 awards”, usually awarded by happy press members. It’s just that ESA is codifying the process this year.

“For this year’s event, we are collaborating with editors on some of the world’s leading video game media to create the official E3 2021 Awards Show, and recognize the show’s most anticipated game,” Stanley Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of ESA, said in a press release.

The prizes will be chosen by a panel of editors from IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar +, and PC player. In addition to an award for the most anticipated game in the entire E3, there will also be categories for each publisher participating in E3. It is unclear whether these awards will focus on the major players hosting the tent conferences – such as Ubisoft and Microsoft – or literally every single one of them. more than two dozen exhibitors. (ESA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Kotaku.)

This whole charade is silly, of course. Apart from last-minute releases, there is a reason why every game on display will not be out yet. How can you accurately judge a game based on a maximum of a 20-minute clip that may or may not consist of a developer pretending to play the game live? (It is also the case that E3 demos often show a small bit of the game explicitly designed to drum up attention, and is not always representative of the final product.) Also, Tales of Arise will still be an “expected” game coming in June, so why even host a show? The winner has already been decided.

The ceremony is scheduled for June 15, time TBA.

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