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Office introduces new machine learning, AI features and more for November

Microsoft already introduced a number of practical features for Office 365 in November, but it's the end of the month by piling on even more. In a post on the Microsoft 365 blog today, Microsoft has detailed some new AI and machine learning features, and more, which are either currently available in the Office apps or as they will be in the coming weeks.

First up is an improvement for words that allow the app to keep track of two-dose and collaborate with others. Available today in preview and set to arrive for all Office 365 subscribers soon, Word will now use a bit of AI magic to detect two-dose and track them. All you need to do is type an item like "TODO: finish this section" or "<" to get started.

Additionally, you can @mention others in a to-do and Word will send them an email with a notification and a link to that location in the document.

On the subject of the tasks, Outlook is also recorded on the web with integration with Microsoft To-Do. You can create tasks directly in the task pane, or just drag and drop an email into the route to plan it. Tasks are then synced to the To-Do app wherever you use it. This opportunity will start to hit Outlook online in December.

PowerPoint also gets a few practical features to notice. The new editor uses machine learning to suggest changes to fix unpleasant word choices and incorrect grammar. Meanwhile, Microsoft Forms is now integrated with PowerPoint in Office 365, which allows presenters to receive feedback from the audience with forms and quizzes.

They are the most important pieces that affect the Office apps now or in the near future, but you'll find all the nitty-gritty details in Microsoft's full blog post. Words on the new features are also on the heels of Microsoft's overtaking of the Office 365 icons, which are set to roll out in the coming months.

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