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Oculus Quest v31 Adds experimental passthrough API

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teases that the upcoming v31 update for Oculus Quest “makes it easier to coordinate multiplayer games by sending pop-up invitations to friends, and gives developers access to the Passthrough API Experimental to build and test mixed reality experiences.”

The update comes “soon” with Zuckerberg posting on Facebook that more details are on the way. Recently, Zuckerberg himself has been the first to tease upcoming features of Oculus Quest as the company builds on a so-called “Oculus Quest Pro” headset that will be released sometime after 2021. Although Facebook may encounter entry level $ 299 $ Quest 2 to 1

28 GB of storage, Facebook is not expected to release a new VR headset in the near future. Instead, the company focuses on almost constant software updates to the system running Quest 2 to improve the overall experience. Last year, Facebook confirmed that it would release an application programming interface (API) that would essentially allow the development of AR apps on Oculus Quest and provided early access to Spatial, an external workaround.

A blog post from Facebook describes the multiplayer features next to a new security settings panel that is also coming, but the post does not mention the passthrough API. Facebook is releasing new software updates for Quest in weeks and even longer for some new or experimental features found in these updates. An update last month for the v30 added, for example, multitasking, but we have not yet seen the feature on our Quest 2 headsets yet.

With multitasking, a larger and smarter guardian system, major new game releases planned as Resident Evil 4, new avatars and the launch of AR apps, Facebook lays the foundation for the Quest 2 headset to be a much more compelling platform heading into the holiday season for vacation in 2021.

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