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October 2018 Xbox Utpate: Here's what's different

Microsoft is tracking your Xbox today. The publisher pushes out the wisely named October 2018 Xbox Update to each console. This update contains new Avatars, Alexa Voice Integration, and Dolby Vision.

This is one of the biggest updates to Xbox One of the Year in terms of features. The company has attempted to maintain a cadence of regular improvements to the console. By keeping the system fresh and responding to fan requests, players can return to using their systems more often. This can lead to additional gaming and services expenses such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

To get the update, press the Xbox button on your controller. Browse to give the symbol. Then scroll down to the "System" tab. Here you will see an option for "updates." Click the option to check for new updates. If one is available, it should be automatically downloaded and installed.

What's New in Xbox 360


Microsoft updates its Avatar system. These icon characters originally debuted on Xbox 360, but they have become blunt due to neglect in recent years. It's changing now that Avatars get a makeup.

"The new Xbox avatar is expressive, creative and, most importantly, bring the community of fans they represent," wrote Xbox Platform Manager Jason Ronald in a blog post. "The Avatar Editor has a wide range of body types, and the entire Avatar Cabinet supports all of them so you can tailor your Avatars easily."

Xbox Live will also introduce new sites for your avatars to stretch their digital games. They will now appear prominently on your profile page. And Xbox Live will give them space on the activity, Gamerscore leaderboards and clubs.

You can of course also spend money on items in a new online store.

Oh, and if you want to hold on to your original Avatar, you can choose to do it.


An Xbox Skill comes to Cortana and Alexa today. You can add it to either a speech assistant. This means you no longer need to use headphones or Kinect, as I'm sure you're still using (I do!). This skill enables you to turn the Xbox on and off. You can also adjust your volume, start games or apps, and launch a Mixer broadcast. "Xbox, record that" also works.

You'll find Xbox Skill in the Alexa Skill Store ad Cortana Skill Store, something I knew existed before I just wrote it ̵

1; I swear.

To promote this integration, MIcrosoft and Amazon provide Echo Dot to anyone buying specific Xbox One bunts at Amazon.com.

Personally, I'm excited about this. I loved controlling my TV and sound with the Kinect voice controls. It was a great way to break TV while I ran to get the door or fill a drink in the kitchen. And it worked … for a while. Cortana is just not so reliable, and so I've stopped using it in favor of Google Assistant's control over my TV. But in every way I could use voice assistants, it's my favorite to control a media center. I'm glad it lives on.

Dolby Vision

The latest major update is support for Dolby Vision on Xbox One. This is the alternative and potentially superior HDR standard of open-source HDR10. Xbox One S and Xbox One X have supported HDR10 from the beginning, but it does not exploit the wider color group of Dolby Vision.

Now, if you watch content on Netflix, you can benefit from both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio, which is a rare combination for even the most smart TV boxes. Apple TV is one of the few competitors that supports this, but then you need to use the Apple TV remote, which you really do not want.

When this update is live, I test these features and report how you work. Check back for it soon.

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