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Obliterate builds with the new Plasma Cannon + Event Countdown begin

A dangerous new weapon and more news about the upcoming event. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s update.

Fortnite is starting to feel like Chapter 1 again. Epic Games has been in full swing so far in season 7 with new content that drops almost every week.

The V17.21 update is only a small one, but still manages to introduce an exciting new weapon among other changes. Let’s take a look:

Alien invaders continue to increase the ante and IO has responded by creating a powerful new set. The legendary plasma cannon destroys enemies, builds and everything else stupid enough to get in the way.

This unique pistol fires plasma bullets surrounded by an electric dome. The balls will slowly move forward, causing significant damage to opponents or vehicles and hitting them back. Any buildings or player-built structures in the path will be burned.

You can find the Plasma cannon in chests and IO boxes, or make one by combining a legendary gun and an alien nanite. They can only shoot five shots and not charge, so use them wisely.

The event count leaked in last week’s v17.20 update has now appeared in the lobby screen and also in the game, in the sky above the middle of the map. It is finally planned in a little over 10 days, which will be the weekend of August 7.

It is still unclear what this incident will mean, even if it looks like someone or something will visit us from Mothership. People have previously predicted an Ariana Grande concert, but this seems less likely so far.

A new promoted abduction ship has arrived and is hovering over the center of the island. In addition, Slurpy Swamp and Corny Complex will be on Coral Castle on the list of points of interest to be abducted.

According to leaker @HYPEX, they will become gravitational zones while being abducted. Take a look at an example of what they might look like in the post above. This will potentially happen as part of the event.

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