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Nvidia’s 20 GB RTX 3080 Ti and 12 GB RTX 3060 have been leaked by Asus

Nvidia launched its RTX 30 series back in September at an impressively low price point, but the series was far from complete with only the RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 under its belt. Rumors and whispers did not instill confidence either, and first bothered a 20 GB upgrade for the RTX 3080 before it was immediately removed. But now it seems like the graphics card isactually on the way, with Asus leaking the coveted RTX 3080 Ti with no less than 20 GB of memory.

Set to arrive as part of the Asus flagship ROG Strix series, two models of the RTX 3080 Ti were spotted on the company’s graphics card support page by renowned leaker HXL, otherwise known as the 9550pro on Twitter. These were not the only nuggets found, as the database also listed two entries for the upcoming RTX 3060, which appears to pack 1

2GB of GDDR6 memory – something previously discovered by Igor’s Lab.

After refueling the fire, these entries have since been removed despite the fact that they did not lead anywhere when they were alive.

The ‘O20G’ and ‘O12G’ models are probably factory overclocked ‘OC Editions’ we are used to seeing from Asus, while the other two are probably standard versions without the company pushing the watches to the limit.

If there is truth in these leaks, the RTX 3060 will sit in a strange place compared to the 8 GB RTX 3060 Ti, 8 GB RTX 3070 and 10 GB RTX 3080 that are already on the market. According to previous reports, there is supposedly a 6 GB RTX 3060 in the works that will follow the usual logic and column in the list, but there is no sign of that here.

The all-but-confirmed RTX 3080 Ti, on the other hand, is best regarded as a stripped-down RTX 3090 – a card that leans more towards professionals than gamers with 24GB of memory and a chonky $ 1,499 / £ 1,399 price tag. But without official word from Nvidia or its board partners, it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt for now.

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