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NVIDIA to celebrate GeForce games on next month's Gamescom in Cologne – Techgage

In just one month, one of the biggest video shows of the year will take place in Cologne, Germany. Of course I'm talking about Gamescom, and of course NVIDIA. The company shot us by e-mail to say that it will be stationed on the show between 21-25 August, on stand E-072 in hall 10.1.

Well … that's just part of the story. The company will also host its own event on August 20th to help us celebrate the greatness of the game and of course some of the games that come. It will undoubtedly include Shadow of the Tomb Raider Eido's next epic Lara Croft adventure.

  Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Shadow of Tomb Raider

If you come to view, you will be sure to sign up for NVIDIA's event as soon as possible. If you do not attend, you will be able to stream together from home. NVIDIA emphasizes that this event around is celebrating games, and personally I could not think of a better thing to celebrate. The company will be present with the latest hot modes, exclusive previews and stage presentations.

The obvious question is whether NVIDIA is coy and plans to release new hardware at the event. It could be a Huang shot, but who knows really, but NVIDIA? One thing I know for sure is: If NVIDIA tells you to set a live stream, it will be worth your time.

Writing this post reminded me that I should be present at Gamescom. It will be the first time ever Techgage will attend, so I'm a bit excited, at least. It's not exactly hard to get excited about games, though. Or German beer.

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