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Now there is a report on an iPhone XS Max capture fire

A man from Columbus, Ohio has reported that his three-week-old iPhone XS Max got a fire in his pocket while in a case – causing smoke, burning skin and a dead iPhone that the Apple site has offered to replace.

Apparently, when the melted handset was taken into an Apple Store, they were at a loss to explain exactly what had gone on, iDrop News reports. The man involved says he is less than happy with Apple's response to the incident, quite apart from selling him an iPhone that seemed to fire without any kind of trigger.

For now this is just an isolated event – and one that has not I have been verified by Apple – so it's too early to start putting your own iPhone XS Max in the fridge to secure. You can see one of the pictures of the burned phone below.

  iPhone XS Max

Credit: iDrop News / J. Hillard

This is a prerequisite for this of course: Samsung had to revoke the Galaxy Note 7 in 201

6 after it was found to have a defective battery problem that could have it to ignite, while an iPhone X was launched late last year.

Even with all the security measures and test routines that modern smartphones go through, it seems that random events like this cannot be completely eliminated. If Apple responds officially to the news, or there are some updates on the melted iPhone XS Max from Ohio, we'll send them here.

With just one report in the wild though, we wouldn't expect this to evolve into a major security issue – so it's okay to continue using your 2018 iPhone as usual. As for what Apple is working for next year, we also have some ideas about it.

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