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Nova Launcher 7 arrives in Play Store in public beta

The long-awaited rewrite from the ground up of Nova Launcher 7 is now finally available in public beta on the Google Play Store.

After being announced far back in early 2021, the Nova Launcher 7 beta has been technically available since it was confirmed. However, this Discord-distributed beta was not as readily available and felt like an earlier Alpha build. The latest beta is now starting to be launched in phases via the Google Play Store, making the entry barrier even lower as a result.

For those who are not aware, this latest update paraphrases Nova on top of “Launcher3”, the Android launcher that has been in use since Android Nougat. Up to this point, Nova has been built on top of “Launcher2”

;, which puts more work on developers to deliver new updates and port features from AOSP. With a rewrite of Launcher3, Nova should be able to use new features faster.

You can check out the updated change history for Play Store listings below:


Nova7 first Play Store Beta

Visual Update – Based on the latest AOSP launch code and updated Nova-specific code to match the latest animation and visual styles
Weather icon in the search field (Nova Settings> Search> Desktop Search> Weather)
Swipe down action on icons (Requires prime)
Improved Nova search
Transform the theme icons and change the transformation per icon
Alternative for Android for Work apps in its own tab
Custom widget corner radius (Nova Settings> Desktop> Widget corner radius)

We spent some time with one of the early Nova Launcher 7 beta builds and found it to feel very familiar, and the new options complemented the replacement of the home screen nicely. Genuine gesture navigation support can prove to be one of the most notable new additions that longtime fans will be eager to try. You can check out our handy video below:

If you want to give Nova Launcher 7 beta a test drive for yourself, you can register here.

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