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Nobody’s Saving the World is a new action RPG from Guacamelee! Devs

no one saves the world

Screenshot: Drinkbox Studios

Drinkbox Studios, the producers of popular warriors Guacamelee!, has a new game on the way. It’s an action role-playing game called No one saves the world.

IN No one saves the world, the world in question must be saved from a doomsday event called Calamity. Even if it shares a name and purpose (destroying everything) with the disaster from Supergiant’s Bastion, this is less of a “faceless force with all – consuming destruction” and more of an “invading army of monsters.” Nice and simple.

You are thrown as a character named Nobody (do you understand that?) Who stumbles upon a magic wand so that you can change into different shapes that can be unlocked. If you want to be a ranger, you can do it. A bodybuilder? That too. How about a horse? Yep!

From a top-down perspective, you will explore the upper world and tackle procedurally generated dungeons. Drinkbox says the game will not grind. Instead, you unlock forms, abilities, progressions and the like by completing quests. These missions can range from “break stuff” to “becoming a rat” to the very supposed “cheer up a fellow rabbit-lover.” (I am personally more loved by hare.)

No one saves the world coming out later this year for Xbox consoles and PC. It will be available on Game Pass on both platforms from day one.

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