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‘No Man’s Sky’ update allows players to adopt aliens as pets

The last major update shakes up the exploration swim again by letting you become friends and adopt wild alien creatures. Given that flora and fauna are procedurally generated, you may have some extremely unusual pets.

When you feed a creature, an interaction menu will appear with options for milking, riding or adopting it. You can have up to six companions in the beginning, although you can unlock new tracks. Companions have their own personalities and you can customize them with a new name, accessories and decals.

You must earn the trust of the creatures over time. Sometimes they need food and attention, but they can do much more than just keep you company. They can help you as you explore by searching for resources and buildings, digging up objects, hunting and flagging dangers for your attention. Companions can even use things like the torch and mining lasers. You can summon them or guide them with movements. If you are playing in virtual reality, you can point to a place to send the foreign friend there.

Runs an alien creature in No Man's Sky's Companions update

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Creatures can communicate with your exhaust suit through a neural link from the harness to give you an idea of ​​their thoughts, desires and needs. You also have the opportunity to ride giant creatures.

If you take good care of your companions, they will lay eggs. These can hatch to give you a whole new baby creature, and you can trade eggs with other players. You can even use the interior to produce unique creatures by changing the genetic material of eggs in an egg catcher on a space anomaly.

The update fixes some bugs and improves load and warp times on PlayStation 4. There is also a welcome update to the user interface. You can use analog sticks (or keyboard shortcuts if you play with the mouse and keyboard) to quickly select options in dialog menus and interactions.

This patch is primarily about the creatures, all the way down to improvements in movement animations and “particle effects that come from creature dung.” It is now available on all platforms.

Make friends with alien creatures in No Man's Sky's Companions update

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