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No Man's Sky Save Bug is already fixed on PC

Hello Games appear to be in the situation where the indieaget makes several steps forward and meets a situation with No Man's Sky who puts back the team with one or two steps. It was really bad when the game was launched two years ago back in 2016 for PC and PS4, when the sprayer overwhelmed the actual possibilities of the game and it became a launch disaster. After starting the game with Next Update, No Man's Sky has managed to capture the attention and worship of a whole new audience. However, there were some new errors that were introduced with the next update that really hindered the experience for a large number of players.

Fortunately, according to the official website, there is an update that addresses the recently stored game bug that affects PC players. In patch 1

.51, the top priority was to fix a stored game failure where, after saving the game when they partially repaired some technological parts, it would not be possible to load the storage file. The error was addressed and lets players save the game even after partial repair of some technological elements.

Unfortunately for console gamers, they must wait until the patch is certified and approved by the platformers before it can be enabled and distributed to Xbox One and PS4.

The lock also targets a crash caused by a memory correction along with several other crashes caused by an error in the animation system, a crash when you save on shipping and crash when a fleet is on expedition while the mainship is not present.

When you expand a game that includes multiplayer, there is usually a lot of memory management involved in loading many objects in and out of memory in a short space of time. This sometimes (or almost all the time) results in memory leakage at some point, and this often happened with Star Citizen which requires frequent updates to address these issues. No Man's Sky was no stranger to this effect, and Hello Games also had to handle plug-in of memory leaks.

The team also raised bugs with multiplayer confusion, as well as players who could not rotate during the antimatter stage during the training.

Part of the patch rolls mostly to fix a few dozen crashes, which is common for a game of that size. But do not expect things to be perfect in the next update for No Man's Sky to Hello Games can really iron out all the efforts in the patch and make sure that multiplayer works as intended. [19659008] It's definitely a big step up from what the game was like when it was first launched back in 2016, but it's still far from where it has to be.

On the upside, many players dive in and enjoy No Man's Sky Next patch, which has introduced a lot of new game opportunities that the players were originally promised back before the game's first release. Now that the saved game file has been addressed to the PC, it should make things much more tasty for players.

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