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No Man's Sky Save Bug addressed in new PC Update; PS4 / Xbox One Patch comes

Hello Games has distributed another hotfix for No Man's Sky. This latest update is now available on PC (with other platforms that follow soon) and addresses a number of other errors that have been cut in the wake of the big next update, especially a problem that apparently will wipe players' storage data. [19659002] After the next update, many players have discovered that their storage data will show the game time correctly, but loads from the beginning of the game, apparently deleting their data. PC players have found their own solution to this problem and detailed it on Reddit, but the new 1.51 update should solve the problem for all players.

As previously mentioned, the 1.51

update is currently available on PC only, but it will roll out soon to PS4 and Xbox One. Designer Sean Murray explained Twitter that due to Sony and Microsoft's certification process, updates for PS4 and Xbox One versions will come a bit slower than for PC.

You will find complete update note for No Man's Sky 1.51 Update, thanks to the official website of the game, below. This is the second hotfix patch Hello Games has distributed since the release of the next update. The previous one appeared on July 25th and addressed a number of errors and other technical issues, including one that stopped exosuit technology from converting to obsolete technology.

No Man's Sky's Next Update came earlier this week and introduced many significant changes to the game including multiplayer, expanded base building, visual enhancements, and the ability to command freight rates. Hello Games says it will continue to support the game with weekly missions and events, the first of which is slated to turn off next week.

No Man's Sky 1.51 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a problem where players who rescued after partially repairing some technological objects will not be able to download that storage space. Please note that if the game has not been resaved, no progress has been lost and will be restored.
  • Fixed a crash caused by memory crime
  • Fixed a crash in the animation system
  • Fixed a crash when stored on a freighter
  • Fixed a crash when fleet expeditions ended without their mainship present
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks
  • Fixed a problem where multiplayer twist can get players to spy on a planet instead of in space [19659008] Fixed a problem where shipping bases would be in the wrong position
  • Fixed a problem where the construction menu could crash if it did not was something available to build
  • Fixed a problem where players could not crawl during the antimatter stage of the education
  • Fixed a problem where the mission destination would be mistakenly reported as in another system in the Hermetic Seal phase of the education
  • Fixed a problem where upgrade modules were installed in the main export in the ventory would not be saved properly.
  • Fixed a problem where portable refiners placed close to each other would share inventory
  • Fixed a problem where the cockpit of any ship would continuously open and close
  • Fixed a problem where new controls were missing from the control page

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