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No Man's Sky Next Update are Major Changes: Multiplayer, Xenomorphs, Freighters, and more

Hello Games has released the new update for No Man's Sky, called Next. The free update makes great overlays to the game by adding multiplayer, character customization, command files and visual upgrades. Next is the fourth major update to No Man's Sky, by Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises. However, it is perhaps the largest of them all and we continue to find more and more as we spend more time with it.

No Man's Sky was originally launched on PS4 and PC in August 2016, and was severely criticized for an perceived lack of content. Although several updates have expanded the number of activities that the players can do, Sony management admits the PR strategy "not good", and No Man Sky designer Sean Murray acknowledged that he did "wrong."

Despite the first backlash on launch, No Man's Sky's updates have slowly earned the game a growing player base. "One day, I hope to reach a point where I feel that No Man's Sky is" done, "but luckily there is still so much more we want to do," Murray says.

The major changes in No Man & # 39; s Sky Next is outlined below, but you can read the full update notes and fixes on No Man's Sky's blog. Although not in the update notes, Murray tweeted at Next also allows players to command their avatar in the game to sit down – a feature that the players have requested. Maybe some more fun secrets are hidden in the game's latest update. We now make a new update already on its way to fix issues that have occurred and weekly updates to keep things fresh. We're up to date when we learn more.

Multiplayer and Character Customization

Multiplayer is the biggest change to No Man's Sky . Although it was never confirmed about multiplayer we To be included before launch, many players wanted to explore the galaxy with their friends, but they wanted. Next adds a lot of mechanics they desired by the players as well as a few.

You can now join random strangers, or collaborate with a small amount of friends to make colonies of small light boxes, race exocraft or engage in rumbies against other players. You will be able to collaborate with friends from the beginning as multiplayer extends to No Man's history and tutorials.

To help distinguish between avatars, Next adds to character matching so everyone can customize their game in game appearance. You can hit the race and change your outfits as well. Depending on your species, you may even be able to change your hairstyle. Then players can be Gek, View, Korvax, Traveler or Anomaly.

Not all the players you meet are a friendly face, so when you go into another player in the midst of exploring the stars, it's best to be careful. Even though a stranger may be a harmless passive or future ally, Next Players allows to swap others to survive. A collection of ships approaching the horizon can be a crew of players who act as space pirates who trust the stolen lion of others.

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Get ready for No Man's Sky Next update

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Building And Crafting

You will be able to invite your friends to your own command filter to handle challenging multiplayer missions. If you still have problems, you can build and upgrade a full frigate fleet that you can then customize to specialize in combat, exploration, trade, industry, or support.

You Can Use What You Have I've found building bases, which can now be built anywhere on any planet. You can even build on top of mountains and under the sea. And if you do not like how the terrain affects the shape of your base, the improved terrain manipulation allows players to create the surface of the planet for their needs. The manipulator can also be used to excavate old taxes that can be sold on the new space station market.

There are hundreds of new bases that allow you to build larger and more complex bases so you can construct your perfect hideaway. Next, players can also own more bases and place teleporters anywhere, so the journey goes much faster.

The resources used to customize the fleet and bases, as well as making equipment and equipment, have all been reworked and balanced. Many of the resources you remember from the original No Man's Sky have been given new names and been given completely different uses. The planet's resources have been expanded, and a planet's biomy, weather and classification have a much greater impact on what kind of materials you find there.

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To help you dig the larger materials you want to discover, The distributed technology used in resource retrieval is now easily retrieved and carried in the warehouse. The improved analyzer also makes it easier to find terrain resources. You can also quickly find your inventory while exploring thanks to visible latitudes and longitude coordinates and the ability to tag interesting places with a marker.


The opening part of No Man's Sky has been updated with new story elements, as well as a training that teaches you advanced gaming features. Mission chains help to get players started exploring planets and starting bases.

Once you've completed your training, it's possible to get new types of assignments to complete. Exploring is still the core of No Man's Sky, but new photography, feeding, freight attacks and defense, archeology and hunting missions expand the amount of activities that players can do. Players will not get all their goals from the same NPC, either as a multitude of random NPCs on different stations offering missions.

It's basically Xenomorph from Alien

The update introduces a host of new enemies to handle, but perhaps the most scary and interesting of the gang is what it refers to as biological horror. As mentioned on Twitter by Xalavier Nelson Jr., this is essentially Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. That sounds scary – and amazing, provided you do not mind dying.

There are some dragonflies out there

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While the diversity in the geography you have met has changed and there are many colorful beautiful planets to explore, the update adds some that are a bit different – but nevertheless striking. In our time of updating we came across a planet that was largely missing color, almost to the point of being monochrome. You can take a look at the above.

Patch Notes

Hello Games has released detailed update notes for Next that outline everything that has changed, including extreme minutia. In addition to all of the key features above, you can see adjustments of controls (such as the ability to manually shuffle Multi-Tool), overhaul to space station interiors, bug fixes, and more.

Improving Life Quality [19659218] Although something like multiplayer is obviously the big drawing of this update, there are smaller but still highly appreciated changes and additions that players have come across. Scissors in point: One of the best is a tweak to pulse jump, which would earlier send your ship moving in a straight line. Now you can use it to follow the curve of the planet you are in the atmosphere of, more or less so that you can traverse the planet and more easily move to another place.

Galactic Atlas

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Just before the next update, Live launched a new website called Galactic Atlas. This is essentially a guide to a particular area of ​​the game – Euclid Galaxy – like Hello seeded, but will leave in the hands of the players to explore and grow. From the side you can follow the progress of the galaxy, mark interesting places and join hubs or fractions.

New visualer

The pictures of No Man's Sky have also been revised. Terrain generates faster and ground, water and shootouts are upgraded. Ships, NPCs and buildings also have more details. No Man's Sky can also be played by both first and third people, whether you're on the surface of a planet or shooting among the stars.

The drawing distance is improved, so planets appear thicker and a new color palette paints the forests, oceans and plains of every world with extra vitality. The dangerous storms that can spell the verdict into smaller planes, use new biomaterial particle effects to look more dangerous than ever before.

Fauna and Flora

The creatures you want to discover on your travels will now act more enthusiastic about you if you eat them, let you gather them together. The creators' AI has also been revolutionized so that they act more intelligently, responding to players whom they acknowledge as friendly and fly as a group from a perceived danger. However, not all the new animals and plantations are friendly. Look for new dangerous species as they will kill you if you are not careful.

Release Date / Time

No Man's Sky is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Next is live on all platforms.

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