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Nintendo's new Labo Vehicle Kit looks like a buggy full of fun – TechCrunch

Nintendo has just announced the latest in its Labo series of whimsical board accessories for the Switch game console, and this looks like a must-have. Calling the vehicle for obvious reasons, flat-pack, mount-it-yourself add-ons include a steering wheel, accelerator, "keys" that activate different cars, all of which work in a cool game that comes with.

Honestly, this just looks like a humongous bargain. Perhaps the most humongous of all time. $ 70 gives you a full folding steering with shifters on the sides; A pedal that I really hope is up to some serious stomping; a joystick for piloting a plane, a weird thing that controls a submarine; and a "key" that Joy-Con fits into, which in itself enters the different other layouts to enable them.

They are all meant to be used in a game that, despite not having a name, looks so fun. It looks like a big island with secrets that are hidden from all that you only use to use your buggy, your submarine and your plane, and any other strange vehicle you can come across.

You can race, spray your vehicles, blow up rocks and cut trees. It's also a two-player mode where you fight with cars that have extendable arms for one reason or another. Do not think too hard about it.

Of course, you have to put all of this together (I think that children read TechCrunch or our readers buy Nintendo gear designed for children), but we found Labo to be a pleasure to gather and play with, so it should not be a problem. It's a function, not a mistake.

You will be able to purchase this set from September 14 to $ 70, which again is obviously a steal. If any of us get your hands on one before that date, we will definitely let you know.

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