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Nintendo wins multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ROM website

Nintendo has won a lawsuit against a ROM hosting site called RomUniverse.

As reported by TorrentFreak, the site owner will have to pay $ 2.1 million in compensation to Nintendo after the court ruled in favor of the video game company. You can read a court ruling from the lawsuit here. The lawsuit was filed back in September 2019, with Nintendo seeking damages for copyright infringement and federal trademark infringement.

This is because the RomUniverse website hosts pirated versions of Nintendo games that users could download. It also offered premium subscriptions that allowed RomUniverse subscribers to exceed a download limit.

The owner of the site filed a statement that he “denies and denies that he uploaded files to the site, and in no time confirmed the contents of the ROM file”

;, but had previously testified that “he and / or his” administrator “uploaded ROM of Nintendo’s copyrighted works, “so the statement was struck by the court.

The website was taken offline last year, but the lawsuit continued, and in the end Nintendo has now won the case. Nintendo originally sought over $ 15 million in damages, but the court reduced the damages to a total of $ 2,115,000.

It’s the latest in a series of similar lawsuits – back in 2018, Nintendo was awarded over $ 12 million in damages after a lawsuit against two other ROM hosting sites.

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