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Nintendo Teases New Indie Reveals in Next Nindie Showcase

The newest Nindie showcase from Nintendo is on stream next week, and the company wants you to know that there will be many new announcements.

In a post made to Twitter via the Nintendo of America account, the company told that during its next Nindie showcase several unannounced indie titles for the Nintendo switch will be revealed. No specifications were given about what these titles may be or who they are currently developing. The flow is scheduled for 9:00 PM on August 28th and can be viewed through the company's official website.

Discussion is the latest indie-related news to the company, which in recent months has supported indie titles for the switch known. In addition to a Nindie stream that was held on August 20 for Gamescom, which describes several current and future additions to Nintendo eShop, the publisher has said they are planning to release as many as 20 to 30 indians per week at the switch. This is probably due to the overwhelming success of indie titles on the console, with Switch Ports on titles like Blossom Tales and The Flame in the Flood, far exceeding sales expectations.

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