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Nintendo Switch OLED or Steam Deck? It’s not even close.

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Valve made a big splash last week when it unveiled the Steam Deck handheld PC, so you can take your Steam library on the go. It’s not the only handheld in the headlines recently, as Nintendo also announced a new Nintendo Switch model with an OLED screen.

The two devices are relatively close in price ($ 400 for the Steam Deck base and $ 350 for the OLED switch), and it made us wonder which one you would actually buy. This is how you voted in this poll.

Want to buy Nintendo Switch OLED or Steam Deck?


We put out the vote on Friday 16. July, and over 2700 votes were dialed at the time of writing. And the winner is Steam Deck with a landslide, with over three quarters of respondents saying they want to buy Valve’s upcoming handheld over the OLED switch.

The comments suggest that there are some important reasons why users choose the PC-based handheld. These reasons include having your existing PC game library instead of building a new library from scratch and Switch’s aging internals. We could also see the PC-based nature being very appealing to some compared to the locked Nintendo ecosystem.

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Just under a quarter of respondents (23.5%) say they want the Nintendo Switch OLED instead. None of the comments reflect this choice, but we guess cheaper prices, some killer exclusives (e.g. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Breath of the Wild, etc.), and the OLED panel are reasons to pick up the Nintendo handheld.

Still, it does not seem like you can go wrong with both options if you want a high quality portable gaming experience.


  • Tennis Freak: I’m already placed my pre-order for a Steam Deck. Middle class model with 256 GB storage. Does not pay $ 400 for an outdated 4+ year old handheld handheld.
  • Alex: Well, Steam Deck is an interesting concept, but is not really in the same market as the switch. Steam decks have lots of titles, all made for PC, and most are made with little or no regard for controllers because no PC player really uses a controller. I would really wait to see if this concept gets a grip. If I were on Steam, I would create a separate collection of games certified for Steam Deck and a certification process, to ensure seamless experience on the deck.
  • Shawn Hamm: I would buy the steam tire over the switch. I have a steam library with over 200 games. Why start again?
  • Joe Black: What about both?
  • Shizuma: Steam Deck without even thinking about it, I already have a switch, and the idea of ​​screen burn-in and probably poorer image quality due to what is probably a pentitle screen for $ 50 more than my old switch, is not even remote convincing.
  • TheLastBattalion: As a person with a switch, Steam Deck is obviously a better package in general. It delivers everything Nintendo fans want from a Switch “Pro” model and even beyond.

Thank you for voting in our poll and for leaving a comment. What do you think of Steam Deck and OLED Switch? Let us know below.

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