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Nintendo joins Tag Heuer on a Mario-themed watch

Nintendo, which is often associated with being a toy manufacturer, is teaming up with, of all companies, luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer. The two companies revealed the collaboration on an upcoming Super Mario-themed watch in a psychedelic teaser posted on Twitter early Friday morning.

You can register now on the Tag Heuer website for early access to “exclusive limited edition” watches coming “super soon”. Confusingly, Tag Heuer’s tweet says that you can “start up July 13”, but the site has a clock that currently counts down to two days later: Thursday, July 1

5 at 10 ET. If you are interested in catching one of these watches for yourself, you may want to sign up on the website to stay up to date on when you can actually order one.

The website does not show any details about prices, but from what I can tell, most Tag Heuer watches cost at least a grand, so it seems likely that this Super Mario watch will not be cheap. And I have to say that the collaboration is not something I expect to see from Nintendo, which I do not want to consider a luxury brand. But I’m absolutely curious what this watch might look like, and I’ll be watching the official unveiling next week.

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