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Nintendo Game Boy gets supersized with fan team ‘Game Man’

I would never have guessed that a 30-year-old eight-bit handheld gaming device would still be interesting in 2021. But fans continue to find new and better ways to enhance Nintendo’s original Game Boy. Recently, a programmer turned one into a belief machine. He turned his into a pixelated mobile movie screen too Tenet. Another person also built the world’s smallest working version. It does not even measure an inch in size. Impressive, but not so fun to play. That’s definitely not the case with the latest fan-made modification, though. Meet Game Man, a giant version of the classic Game Boy.

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YouTuber Grumpy Modeler has built something that will make any player happy. His fiddler (who we first came across Gizmodo) is literally a major upgrade over Nintendo’s Game Boy. The original machine is 5.8 inches high and the screen only takes 1.9 inches. The full-color LCD screen of the Game Man alone comes in at 5.6 inches. It’s also a massive pixel upgrade, with 640 × 480 compared to the Game Boy’s 160 × 144. This monster machine also has a 1/4-inch output socket that lets you turn off audio and LCD if you connect the Game Man to another monitor.

There are some drawbacks to this giant version. While the controls on these are described as “very good”, it is difficult to keep “A” and “B” at the same time. Unlike the Nintendo version, it helps to have big fingers when using it.

A giant fan-made version of the Nintendo Game Boy that rests next to an original version

The Gretten Modeler

The video also includes a link with instructions on how to make your own. As you may imagine, building them takes a lot of work. You need access to a 3D printer to create the case, an NES gamepad, a whole bunch of other parts to do everything simpatico, and a lot of personal skill. But as you can see, you will end up with something Nintendo can actually sell if you pull it off.

We wish they did. We would buy it. Over the past 30 years, our hands have grown, but our love for Game Boy has never diminished.

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