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Ninja comes to RAID: Shadow Legends as a playable character

Streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins will be featured in another video game – RAID: Shadow Legends.

Ninja already has his own skin in Fortnite, and now it has been announced that he will make a como in another game. No, it’s not Warzone or Apex Legends, instead it’s a game you’ve probably heard of if you’ve ever seen an ad on YouTube.

That’s right, Ninja is coming to RAID: Shadow Legends as a playable character in an update on July 16, according to information posted by game pot.


The character of the ninja will be a … ninja in RAID. What, did you expect a knight or something?

We get more information about Ninja’s character in RAID – which we admit looks pretty cool – during a livestream on July 19, and the streamer also seems excited about the como.

“The wings are absolutely perfect, I’m a big Sephiroth fan, so that was my little inspiration behind what it would look like,” Ninja said of his character. “They absolutely nailed it.”

As soon as pictures of Ninja’s cameo in RAID started coming out, so did the jokes, but mostly people seemed to disbelieve that Blevins was in another game.

“I wake up to Ninja in Raid Shadow Legends and LeBron in Fortnite,” said one Twitter user. “I’m laying back.”


Ninja in RAID and Lebron in Fortnite, what’s the world coming to?

If you want to try Ninja’s character for yourself, he’s coming to RAID on July 16th as we mentioned earlier, and he’s going to be completely free for all gamers for three months.

Even if you don ‘t download RAID to try out his new character, Ninja’s livestream on July 19 – where the streamer looks like an extra in Star Trek – looks like it should at least be quite entertaining.

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