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NICKMERCS picks out best AR in Warzone meta after buffs and nerfs

Warzone star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes that the C58 will be meta after the recent round of buffs and nerfs, and compares it to AMAX pre-nerf.

As Warzone has undergone changes and weapons have become buffet and nerfed, many players have tried to get ahead of the meta changes by picking up different weapons.

NICKMERCS is one of those players who is always at the forefront of change, and gives his opinion on what can jump up to be the best gun in Battle Royale, and what clever underrated choices are also deadly.

Well, after a series of changes in the Season 4 Reloaded update, the FaZe Clan star believes that the C58 rifle will rise in the ranks as it has a huge advantage over anyone else.

C58 Warzone load
Treyarch / Activision

C58 Assault Rifle was released in season 4.

During his July 17 video, Nick revealed that the C58 had helped him achieve a whole new personal record for eliminations in Warzone after the update, and it’s a bit “broken” right now.

“This C58 pistol is going to take over Warzone, I’m telling you right now,” YouTuber said, asking viewers to level it. “Listen carefully, this pistol is the best long-range pistol to use right now. Trust me.

“It was a big, big update, a lot of changes, a lot of nerfs, a lot of buffs to a lot of different weapons, this is it. It’s kind of his this AMAX feeling, pre-nerf, and it’s going to be the meta, if not already, trust me. ”

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Nick is not alone in this either. Employee Warzone YouTuber JGOD chose the weapon as his goal to follow the changes, and the players are already following.

According to statistics from WZRanked, the C58 has risen to be the fifth most used weapon in Warzone right now, with only War-6 and Grau having larger increases in picking speeds. So it’s clear that some players already love it.

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