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Next Huawei watch can store a pair of wireless earplugs

Huawei Watch is considered by many to be one of the best Wear OS smartwatches out there, but if Huawei's latest patent is something to pass by, the company can prepare a new smartwatch that seriously strikes things with regard to versatility. Why? The patents describe a smartwatch that can save a pair of genuine earphones.

The patent was first discovered by LetsGoDigital, and describes a few different ways that the earplugs could be stored in the clock. Initially, they could be stored in a spring mechanism that can open or close or they can magnetically attach to the clock. In one example, ear plugs are stored even at the time.

  huawei ur with ear plugs

The patent also goes into the ear plugs themselves and finds that they can be water repellent and have an active noise reduction.

Although there is no doubt that this is something Huawei could do with Huawei Watch 3, it is obviously a completely different issue when it comes to the company should do it . Smartwatches have already been criticized for their bulk compared to typical analog watches, and adding storage for a few earplugs probably will not help much.

It is important to note that just because Huawei has filed for a patent for this technology does not mean that we will see a product that can store earphones anytime soon. Companies routinely register patents for technology that never end up being used in a product, and it is certainly possible – and even likely – that will be the case for this patent.

It may take a while before Huawei released a new smartwatch. The company recently launched a 2018 edition of Huawei Watch 2, which makes it clear that a real Huawei Watch 3 may not be released for some time. Nevertheless, in an interview with TechRadar, the company confirmed that it was working on a third iteration of Huawei Watch, so it is possible that we will see it released at some point in the next year.

In any case, even if the clock can not actually store earplugs in the body, it would be nice to see it send with them. Smartwatches are becoming more independent of smartphones, which means it may be useful to have a pair of headphones that you use with your watch when you do not want to take the phone with you.

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