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New Year’s Update for PS5 for Target, Walmart, Best Buy and more

PlayStation 5 consoles are still very difficult to get hold of in the US, with all the major retailers sold out for days and some players endlessly refreshing stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart waiting for more consoles to be available.

Although the PS5 is not in stock in most major entertainment stores, many Twitter accounts have set up automated updates so subscribers can know exactly when and where new stock will be available as soon as it comes out.

Measure PS5 again

Target is currently sold out at the time of writing, but there may be some hope for players trying to take a PS5 from there in the coming weeks. A tweet from December 31 from the YtNextGenGaming account, which has previously revealed when the console was in stock, said: “Many target stores have been stocked. From my sources there should be a fall in the next two weeks. Look for them to fall from Sunday until Tuesday. “

On the morning of January 1, the PS5 may not have been in stock, but a number of accessories were available for a while, with DualSense Charging Station and Media Remote in stock.

To keep track of when Target has new inventory, users should follow the Twitter page Target Restock Alerts, which releases automated alerts when high-demand items such as Playstation 5 consoles are in stock.

Walmart PS5 recovers

playstation 5 restores
PlayStation 5 consoles are sold out at many major retailers.

Walmart also has no consoles in the US right now, and the console does not even appear in a US store, even though they currently sell controllers for the console.

Amazon PS5 recovers

Amazon had some PS5s on January 1, although at the time of writing they were sold out again, and the website said: “We do not know when or if this item will be in stock again.”

One Twitter account worth checking out for PS5 updates is the @ CoolDealCA account, which performs a regular update that tweets when stocks of PS5s and other game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch are made available.

Best Buy PS5 refills

Best Buy offers customers several packages that allow them to buy a console with various accessories and games. However, all of these are sold out at the time of writing.

Ebay PS5 recovers

Currently, per share tracker NowInStock.net, Ebay is pretty much the only way to get a PS5 in early 2021. However, purchases from Ebay come with their own set of issues, with high inflated prices and the chance of being scammed.

Prices for PS5s on Ebay from “buy it now” sellers currently range from $ 750 to as much as $ 40,000, with average price development over the last 90 days to $ 799.99.

When will the PS5 refill?

Digitimes reported that up to 18 million more units would flow in 2021, about five times more than what was released during the first month of sales.

Originally, the plan was to ship up to 6 million units between the release and March 2021, but this was increased to the planned 10 million according to GamesRadar.

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