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New Year’s Eve 2021 Fortnite Event Revealed

Fortinite is no stranger at all at this time to specialized events in the game, and the popular multiplayer shooter is set to hold another next week to coincide with the beginning of 2021. Before that time, however, it looks like Epic Games plans for New Year’s Eve in Fortnite has now been revealed.

Shared on social media, video footage showing what will happen in Fortnite at midnight January 31 has begun to appear. While not too shocking, it seems to give us an idea that players who choose to attend are at a party. Continue reading and check out the video below if you don’t mind being pampered with the details.

If you were actually a part of Fortnite’s New Year’s Eve in 2019, you will see that what is happening here in 2020 is quite similar. As soon as it is midnight in the game, a portal opens in the middle of the sky Fortnite’s island. After this point, fireworks will start firing in all directions, causing the sky to light up with explosions.

It is worth noting that the actual New Year’s Eve in Fornite can, however, play in a different way. What is shown in this video may be an early presentation of the plan that Epic wants to adopt. That said, this seems to be a good idea of ​​what players can experience in the game next Thursday night.

In addition to this upcoming mini-event, Fortnite continues all-out with its latest season which has included new skins including Black Panther, Green Arrow, Master Chief, Kratos and many more. Throughout the beginning of January, the operation Snowdown event will also take place. Basically, it happens a lot of Fortnite right now, and if you want to stay up to date on it all, you can follow our coverage of the game here.

So what do you think of this New Year’s Eve in the game Fortnite? Is there anything you plan to attend yourself? Let me know in the comments or post me on Twitter at @ MooreMan12 to chat more.

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