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New Xbox All Access application lets you pay monthly for an Xbox, game play and Xbox Live

Microsoft: A new monthly finance program for Xbox One called Xbox All Access, according to a report from Venturebeat that links to a blog post on the Xbox website that is not live yet. The program allows users to commit to a two-year plan where they pay monthly for either an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X, and subscriptions to both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.

The Xbox One X package, which costs $ 35 a month for two years, is in line with about $ 860, a person will usually pay for everything included. The Xbox One S package, priced at $ 22 per month, is about a $ 130 cheaper than buying everything it contains. Of course, this back of the envelope mathematics does not take into account future price drops for the hardware or Xbox Live and Game Pass discounts that appear regularly, but it still looks pretty good, as it is an interest-free way to buy hardware today and pay for that year down the road.

The termination of the financing agreement is also heavily based on Game Pass, considering that you subscribe to the $ 10 service per month for two years. The program allows you to download and play games from a growing library of over 100 as if you owned them as long as you are a member. While uneven at launch, Game Pass has continued to improve, and now includes a number of exclusives since the day they launched as Sea of ​​Thieves and State of Decay 2 . At Gamescom last week, Microsoft also announced that the new and improved Halo: The Master Chief Collection will come to September 1st.

The program is not a total surprise, given Microsoft's battle to move hardware this console generation. The company stopped releasing sales figures for Xbox One in October 2015 and has recently focused on the number of people subscribing to their online services as key statistics to track growth and success. Providing a cheap way to finance an Xbox One X or S linked to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass is definitely a way to try to increase its ecosystem.

While more details about the specifications of the program are not yet available, Venturebeat report reports Xbox All Access a "limited time bid" for "eligible customers only". We have reached Microsoft for further clarification of how the program will work and when it will begin.

[Update – 11:15pm]: There is now a page for the Xbox All Access program live on the Microsoft Store website. According to the information, the All Access package can only be purchased personally at a Microsoft store and will require qualification for a Dell Preferred account for credit.

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